The Benefits of using our Services

It's Easy!

We take the hassle out of selling you cameras.

It's Fast!

Small groups of cameras typically sell within two weeks. Large collections may take longer to sell, but you will get the most possible money for your cameras.

True Top Dollar

With our consignment program you share in the profit! We are a sister site of The Virtual Camera Museum. We photograph most of the cameras we sell using 3D QTVR Object movies like the cameras currently in the museum. Using these 3D photos increases buyer interest which leads to higher than average prices. Most camera consigners online (you know, the big stores) pay less than 50% of the retail value of the camera. By using our consignment program you will get over 60% of the profit from the sale. With the loyal following (thanks everyone!) that the camera museum has developed we tend to get more interest in our items than most other sellers. This helps to ensure that the camera will sell quickly and for a fair price. Using our services will often result in you receiving more for your camera than if you had tried to sell it yourself, and you don't have to deal with all the trouble of photographing your cameras and listing them on eBay. Our commission rate is lower than most drop off eBay stores, and our expertise in the subject will bring higher prices! Buyers will pay more for a camera that has been thoroughly tested by an expert and is guaranteed to work as described. In addition to selling on eBay we may also list some cameras for sale on our own website to cut down on eBay fees.

Preserving Photographic History

Most of the cameras we sell are photographed in 3D and added to The Virtual Camera Museum. By selling your cameras with us you are helping to ensure a place for your cameras in the museum, and in photographic history!
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