How It Works

Consigning your camera(s) with us is the best way to get top dollar for your camera(s). Most other buyers of photo equipment online will give you less than 50% of the estimated resale value of your items. We sell the items for you and then we give you a percentage of the actual sale price. It will always be 60% or more. We have a tiered pricing system, so if you consign lots of items with us at once or if you have more valuable items you will get a higher percentage. The percentages are as follows:

Profit from Sales Your Percentage
$0-$100 60%
$101-$499 70%
$500-$999 75%
$1000+ 80%
Since we are consigning cameras we don't need to know too much about the condition of the camera(s) you want to sell. Cameras in poor condition will sell, just not for as much as ones in excelent condition. You simply send your camera(s) to us with our prepaid mailing label and we will test it, photograph it (most likely in 360 degrees) write a thorough description and sell the camera(s) either by listing them on eBay or placing them for sale on our website. Once the camera(s) sell we we send you a percentage of the final profit from the sale minus any eBay fees.

We have been selling on ebay for a long time and know the best ways to keep ebay fees to a minimum while getting the highest sales prices. If you would like to set a reserve (the lowest price to sell for) on your items or if you have any other suggestions for how to sell the cameras we will work with you to get the most money for your cameras. We will send you links to the camera sale page when we put it online so you can monitor your item's progress!

To get started simply fill out our Consignment Form and we will email you with further instructions.


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